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Rio de Janeiro – Heavenly Place To Enjoy

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful tourist spot, and here are a few places that will make the trip more fascinating. As everyone knows the first place that should not be missed here will be the place where the statue of Cristo Redentor is situated. It is a very historic spot with spiritual importance. In the year 1922 the construction of this statue started and this represents the Art Deco movement. This statue is made of soapstone and concrete. Next place to be visited is Copacabana. Cariocas is the name of the locals, and they love playing games like volleyball and soccer.

Rio de Janeiro

Fort Copacabana was a war base in the early days, and now it acts as a wartime museum. Ipanema is a beach that is present in the spot that will add more fun to the trip. This is a beach that was made famous by the song The Girl from Ipanema. It is one among the best beaches in the world which is worth a visit. This beach has many coffee shops, art galleries, clubs and so on which will make the experience memorable. Jardim Botanico is the botanical garden in the place with a varied variety of plants.


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