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Egypt – The City Of Civilization

Egypt is an ancient city that that is also considered to be the dawn of civilization. The pyramids and the ancient temples are the major attractive factors of the place. The landscape of the place is very different. It is a place with vast portions covered by desert, and Nile will be the only life-giving river which will empty itself into the Mediterranean sea. Most of the people around 84 million people will be living in the fertile valleys of Nile. This place has a very good history and political backgrounds which attracts the people who are interested in it.


Egypt is a place that can be explored from any direction as it has many facts hidden in it. Giza Pyramids acts as the major attraction of this place which is situated outside Cairo. Most of the travelers will be interested in viewing the ancient monuments in the place. Some of the important places to visit here will be colonnades of Karnak at Luxor, treasures of Tutankhamen, Great Temple of Ramesses II and so on. Trek via the Sahara will be very refreshing to the travelers and will give many memorable memories to them.

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