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Tanzania – Popular Safari Destination

Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa and Tanzania, is the home of this mountain. This place is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Africa that is surrounded by nature. This place has many high mountains as well as sandy beaches. Safari is very much preferred activity here, and Serengeti National Park is famous for this. The month of May will be the best month to visit this place as it will be the period when groups of zebras can be found very easily which will be a spectacular view. Ngorongoro is a place that was formed due to the eruption of two volcanoes many years back. Black rhinos which are the endangered species can be found here.


Next is the famous Kilimanjaro that will be situated on the border of Kenya and acts as a most preferred trekking destination for many mountaineers. Though it is a sleeping volcano, its top will be covered by snow. Zanzibar is another famous island in the world that is a famous tourist spot in Africa. Lake Manyara is a place where a tourist can find around 300 species of migratory birds. Even mammals like elephants, giraffes and rhinos shall be found here.

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