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Bali – A Wonderful Place To Visit

Bali is a mix of sandy beaches, green rice terraces, and volcanic mountains. It is also referred to be the paradise of volcanoes. Among the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is a famous tourist destination. It is one among the 17,000 islands. The world class living and the fascinating culture of this place will be very attractive and brings many people from around the world. Surfing is also very famous here. It acts as a destination for weddings, parties, honeymoons and so on. In short it is a very nice place for relaxation and calming the mind.


In 1970’s this place was known for its surfing and diving facilities which is one among the famous adventurous sports. This place also includes many tourist destinations like Kuta, which is famous for its nightlife, cute beaches, and shopping fundas. This island will be full of colorful marine creatures, crystal clear water, sunken ships and coral reefs. There are numerous massage centers and luxury spas all over the place making it a complete comfort zone. Fashion boutiques and handicraft shops are very much admired by the tourists. This place is also filled with many temples of varied architecture and design which makes them stand out.

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