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Chile – A Best Tourist Destination

Easter Island is the spot that officially belongs to Chile but located in Pacific Ocean. It is known for the 887 statues that are located on the island named as the moai. This was created by the Rapanui people many years back and now it is a famous tourist destination. The sandy beaches of this place also promote diving and surfing activities. In the northern sides of Chile Lauca National Park is located. Lago Chungará is the prime attraction of this spot, and it is one among the highest lake in the world. Pucón is a good place with a lake to chill. Here many water sports and activities like kayaking, snow skiing, climbing the Villarrica volcano, horseback riding, and white water rafting are available.


The National park named Torres del Paine is situated in the southern region of Chile. It consists of glaciers, lakes and mountain. The Peak of this place is about 2500 meters high. In the Atacama Desert Valle de la Luna is situated which is the result of frequent floods and winds. Since this place resembles the ground of the moon it is also known as the valley of the moon. The boat journey in the San Rafael Glacier cannot be missed.

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