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Costa Rica – A Lovely Place

Costa Rica is a tropical place and adventure filled spot that can be explored by walk, kayak or by riding on a horse. Ticos or Costa Ricans is the name of the locals in the spot. This place is a slice of paradise that will be visited by many people from around the world especially the people who love adventures. This wonderful spot that is located in the Central America. Perfect sunsets, waves, and beaches will be the prime attraction of this place. This place allows world-class surfing and also high mountaineering trails. The place is full of pure life.

Costa Rica

The soul of Central America is very lively and brings fun for the locals and tourists. Central America is also known to be the adventurous sporting capital. The infrastructure of this spot is also very attractive. Peace in this place is very much liked by the tourists which make them choose the place as their vacation spot over and over again. The wildlife in this place is also very attractive which includes animals like sharks, dolphins, Blue morpho butterflies, howler monkey, whales and other tropical fishes. Mangrove swamp in this place is also very famous.

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