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Bariloche – Tourist Spot That Cannot Be Ignored

Río Negro Province of Argentina is the place where Bariloche is situated. This place will look similar the famous City Switzerland due to pristine lakes, Swiss-style architecture, snow-capped mountains and chocolate shops. This place is also known as the Honeymoon Capital of Argentina. This place is surrounded by Nahuel Huapi National Park and is situated at the base of Andes Mountains. This place is also famous for its outdoor adventures and wonderful landscapes. This place is also famous for the snow skiing done in the various mountains located in the place. Cable car ride, hiking and mountain climbing are other adventure sports that are available in the place.


The National park also has the recreational facilities like horse riding and rafting. Near the Pampa Lenda lake has many glaciers and waterfalls in the place that give a spectacular look to the spot. Lakes in the place have many spots for fishing and beaches are a very good place for sunbath, swimming and also water sports especially during the summer. In the case of the food pasta and pizza along with fresh salmon is very famous especially in the restaurants near the lakes. Though there are a few clubs and pubs these places, they are very enjoyable.

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