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Venice – The Floating City

Italy will be a destination that can be found in the bucket list of many people. Venice is a place that is constructed with Adriatic Sea around it which adds scenic beauty to the place. Venice is a spot that is located in the northeastern Italy and is also an archipelago of 118 islands. All the islands will be connected using many scenic canals and bridges. Grand Canal is the one that is to be noted as it will be segregating the city into two parts. The architecture and beautiful water bodies in the place make this place a romantic spot.


Thought the cost of living is not low and is considered to be one of the expensive places in the world. The experience given by this place will be unforgettable and hence it is worth a visit. Carnival festivals in this place where people enjoy by wearing different masks, colorful dresses make it very special. The canal and boats during that period will also be awesome with unique decorations. The church in this place is worth mentioning due to its architecture and style. Crafted carnival masks will make the best souvenir for this place. There will be no cars in this city people walk or use boats as taxis.

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