Travelling To Las Vegas

In our travel Vegas we were staying at the Excalibur hotel which is built like a beautiful castle. There is an amazing draw bridge that you cross in order to access the hotel. You can also take a moving walkway or tram to other hotels in the area instead of having to fight the traffic. Across the street from our room I could see the New York New York hotel and casino. There is an absolute crazy roller coaster that comes around the outside of it. I knew I would have to talk my soon to be husband into riding it. While he is no fan of thrill rides he agreed to go. I still have the picture with me smiling on it and him tightly closing his eyes and holding on tight. This is one of my favorite things to do now when I travel Vegas. During our travel Vegas We had a very lovely wedding that took place in a beautiful white limo. They picked us up at a side door of the hotel which is reserved for celebrities and high rollers. I really enjoyed that royal treatment during our travel Vegas. We drove up and down the strip while the wedding ceremony was performed. After it was done we got out to take our picture in front of the fountains at the Bellagio. We opted not to wear the traditional wedding attire but we were still dressed very nice.

People were looking at us trying to figure out who we were as the limo blocked the strip and we were able to get our pictures taken for a few minutes. The limo driver then proceeded to drop of the minister and we had two hours to enjoy the limo. The driver was amazing and he played our favorite music. We were able to drink too which made it very fun! The driver took us downtown to Fremont Street so we could see the light show. This was one of the attractions I didn’t get to see on my first travel Vegas so I was very glad to go down there that evening. Travel Vegas really isn’t complete if you don’t take the time to visit Fremont Street. The night went by very quickly and the realization that I was now married began to sink in as we went back to our hotel to drink and play some card games for a couple of hours. We spent the next couple of days during our travel Vegas seeing the sites and having a great time. I really enjoyed hanging out at the Hard Rock Café. By the time we had to pack to head home we still had plenty of things in Las Vegas to see and do but agreed we would have to make another trip in the next year or two to see them. I was glad we opted for a night flight for our travel Vegas as we got to fly over the strip on our way out with it all lit up. Our trip to Las Vegas was very exciting and I am very happy that we decided to get married there.

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