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My Trip to Las Vegas

My first trip to Las Vegas when I was 21 was quite an event. I had always heard about the various activities to engage in when you travel Vegas so I was really looking forward to it. What I didn’t know is that I would find so much to do my head would be spinning. Everywhere I turned during my travel Vegas I found something else I really wanted to do. Some things were a disappointment though as I couldn’t get tickets or the time just wasn’t there. No one really keeps track of time when they travel Vegas because they are enjoying themselves too much. However, this is quite a problem when you have tickets to see a show at a particular time. I quickly learned that sometimes you could get a taxi cab immediately and other times it took a while. I also learned that it could take 15 minutes to get down the strip or an hour depending on the day and the activities taking place in the area. Keep this in mind when you travel Vegas and your entire trip will go much smoother. I really enjoyed myself during my travel Vegas but I made up my mind before I left that the next time it would be better planned.

I now had a first hand account of what could take place in Las Vegas and I also knew the next time I would need more time to enjoy it all. The chance came for me to travel Vegas again a few years later. I was even more excited this time as I was going to get married while I was there! My husband to be had never been to Las Vegas and I wanted him to have a great time. Both of us agreed it was the best place to get married as we had seen too many of our friends be completely stressed out planning their weddings. We also figured we could have a great vacation and still save money on the entire travel Vegas over having a wedding at home with our family and friends. We took the time to find out about the best package deals for airfare and hotels for travel Vegas. This way we could save money on them as well. To maximize our time in Las Vegas we were going to fly out in the morning and take a late evening flight back home. The flight was only an hour and a half so we spent more time at the airport waiting to travel to Vegas than we did on the plane getting there. As soon as you step off the plane in Las Vegas you are in another world. There are slot machines and shops all over there and many people stop on the way to their luggage and rental cars to look around and to try their luck at the one arm bandits. Travel Vegas is about much more than just playing slot machines though. There are plenty of shows, sites to see, and if you enjoy drinking this is definitely the place to do it!

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