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Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Freemont Street is located downtown and something you definitely want to experience during travel Vegas. You will enjoy it more if you go after dark as that is when the area really starts to come alive. Freemont Street is located downtown in the heart of what was the early gaming area before the famous Las Vegas strip came into play. There is plenty of history to be found in the old downtown area and you won’t be disappointed with what you find. When you travel to Vegas on Fremont Street you will find plenty of free entertainment. There are live bands all the time and several of them at the same time several blocks from each other. You will also find plenty of beer and mixed drinks located on various street corners. During your travel Vegas to Freemont Street you will see a show that takes place at regular intervals. This is an amazing light show that takes place on the top of the streets so you will have an excellent view no matter where you are standing at. It extends for more than five blocks but you will find there is plenty to do all along the way. There are a dozen quality casinos where you can spend your time as well as different restaurants while you travel Vegas.

There is something different taking place here each night so don’t think that because you have seen it once that you have seen it all. There are even hotel rooms along Freemont Street that you should look into when you travel Vegas. This is a great way to purchase a quality room or suite to stay in without the high prices found on the Las Vegas strip. You can easily take a rental car or taxi to the Las Vegas strip and still experience what each has to offer. Still, many people believe that Freemont Street is something associated with travel Vegas that you don’t want to pass up. It has more of an original Vegas feel to it that the glamour of the Las Vegas strip. As technology continues to advance, you can be sure the light show for the Fremont Street Experience will continue to improve. If you travel to Vegas on a regular basis you really need to make this part of your trip. You won’t be disappointed with what you see. There is so much to do on Fremont Street that you can spend your entire travel Vegas vacation there and be very happy in the process.

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