Free Sites to visit in las vegas

Going to Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Sure, you can go spend your life savings at the slot machines and card games if you choose to, but there is plenty more to do in Las Vegas than that. When you travel Vegas you may be surprised at all the free things you can do that are really quite fun. This is important for those that don’t have a lot of money to spend when they travel Vegas or they don’t really enjoy gambling all that much. The most common free sites to see in Las Vegas are along the strip and downtown. During your travel Vegas you will find that the various hotels and casinos along the four mile strip offer plenty of exciting attractions that you will want to see. Make sure you take them in both during the day and at night because you will see them differently each time. From the lovely light of the Luxor to the dancing fountains of the Bellagio you will be very impressed with what you see. Take your time though and watch for the exciting events to unfold while you travel Vegas. For the best view you should walk along the strip and wait for them to occur. Most have regularly timed intervals so you won’t have to wait too long. Travel Vegas just isn’t the same if you don’t spend some time outdoors enjoying the various sites.

The downtown area has plenty of free entertainment for you to enjoy as well. When you travel Vegas make sure you have time for at least one night in this area. There are free concerts and live entertainment all along the streets. You will also want to take in the Fremont Experience that is a light show above the streets that takes place at regular intervals from dark until around midnight. For those of you that enjoy music, the Hard Rock Café is full of memorabilia that you can definitely enjoy. This includes guitars and clothing from the actual stars that have worn them. I always have to go here just to see Bon Jovi items on display each time I travel to Vegas. This is a very energetic hangout as well so you will definitely like the atmosphere if you enjoy meeting new people. For those that want to make their travel Vegas a trip down memory lane, check out the Coca Cola and M&M stores located on the strip close to the MGM Grand. This is a fun way to explore the various items that have become classics over the years. You may decide you want to invest in the various colors of M&M’s they offer though because you will find colors you don’t get in the packages. You can create your own gift packages of M&M’s as well and they will gladly ship them for you.

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