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Why Futsal is the Ultimate Cool Sport: Mind-Blowing Reasons

Futsal, a rapid, small-sided variant of football with its roots in South America, is recognized by both FIFA and UEFA. Its emphasis on quick decision-making and technical skill makes the game a great stepping stone toward mastering the fundamentals of football. It’s common for kids to play Futsal as a means to maintain their soccer skills during the off-season.

Futsal is a distinct sport, as children’s technical ability and skill can significantly benefit from being exposed to Futsal. In addition, several well-known soccer players credit Futsal with aiding their growth and performance. This includes legends like Pele, Ronaldo, and Messi. If you are looking for good Futsal and football turf in Chennai, ( always book in advance to secure your sport. Also know more about how the Greater Chennai Corporation is paving the way for professional sports teams within its realm, with plans to establish cricket and football teams.

Inside the Dynamic Game of Futsal: Fascinating Facts

Futsal is a great indoor sport. It’s a fast-paced game that resembles soccer. But its history and characteristics are unique. Here are some interesting tidbits regarding this fascinating game we enjoy.

First, in the year 1930, this sport was created in Uruguay. A coach in Montevideo came up with the idea for Futsal as games got canceled frequently due to rains. For a five-on-five match, he had his players shift inside. Small-sided games were top-rated in Brazil, and unfortunately, there were not enough stadiums to accommodate the large number of kids who wanted to play soccer, so games were held in the streets. The Brazilian men’s U-18 team and the Portuguese women’s U-8 squad won the first Olympic gold medals in Futsal.

Paraguay won a Cup in 1965, marking the debut of Futsal on the international stage. Fifa reports that 30 million people throughout the world play Futsal. During the four decades since the first FIFA World Cup in 1989, 47 nations have participated. Brazil won 5 out of 8 tournaments. The first-ever women’s futsal tournament hosted by FIFA was held during the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Argentina. Seven out of the last eleven UEFA European Futsal Championships have been won by Spain.

In 1989, FIFA officially recognized the sport and named it “futsal.” The Spanish and Portuguese words for “indoor football” are “ftbol sala” and “futebol de salo,” respectively. Many of the world’s best professional clubs (Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc.) have futsal programmes for their younger players. Futsal is conducted on a smaller pitch and with a heavier but smaller ball. Fifteen times larger than a basketball court (28x15m), the futsal court is 40x20m (800 square meters).

Each half of the futsal game lasts only 20 minutes. Some youth teams shorten the halftime break depending on the player’s age. In the United States, a pro-futsal league was founded in 2016 and debuted in the spring of 2017. Sporting Maryland, San Jose Legends, New Jersey Copa, Saint George, Safira, Toronto United, Di Bufala, Bay Area, San Francisco Bay City, and Bay Area were the nine teams that competed nationally in the 2018-19 season.

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Futsal for Kids: The Sport That Brings More Than Fun

Research indicates that youngsters will receive the ball six times more often than in a conventional football match, providing them with more opportunities to practice skills like passing, fakes, dribbling, and feints. Futsal is a sport that puts young players in frequent 1v1 scenarios, requiring them to make split-second decisions or use their technical talents to gain an advantage.

Futsal weighted balls are great for kids because they keep the ball near the players’ feet, which is great for their developing skills. The Football Association notes that the relentless pressure from the opposite team members and the possibility of a counterattack make ball retention a crucial part of Futsal, which in turn encourages children to feel secure with the ball at their feet.

From Beginners to Pros: How to Introduce Your Kids to Futsal

Let us learn how to introduce a kid to the game of Futsal.


Parents should consider introducing the sport of Futsal to their children. But what’s the deal with this Futsal thing? It is played on a hard surface court, similar to a basketball court, inside. In addition, each end features a 4 ft. long by 3 ft. wide net. Additionally, the Futsal ball used in the game is smaller, less bouncy and heavier than a regular soccer ball. Each team has four players, with the goalie counted as the fifth.


Like traditional soccer, Futsal aims to rack up goals by moving the ball across the playing surface with your feet. At the start of each half and when a goal is scored, there is a kick-off from the center circle again. The next step is to score with a kick or a header. After two twenty-minute halves, the winning side in Futsal is determined by who scored the most goals. However, if the game ends in a draw, extra time is played, and the first side determines the winner to score.


Similar to soccer, no one on the field is allowed to use their arms or hands to contact the ball. However, various parts of the body may be used for dribbling, passing, and shooting. If the ball rolls off the playing field by crossing the goal line or touching the sideline, the opposing team can restart play with a kick-in. However, a kick-in is not a scoring opportunity.

The pace of a game of Futsal is high. It limits goalkeepers to only four seconds of possession time in their own area of the field. Lastly, only the goalie is allowed to use a sliding tackle. It is risky and not allowed to slide feet first toward an opponent. Similar to how there is no offside in soccer, Futsal follows the same rule.

Measure to Implement

In any Futsal club, you can find a lot of interesting programmes. Newcomers will find these programmes rewarding. A group of skilled trainers in premier facilities will teach important Futsal techniques. They will be informative, exciting, and fun since indoor futsal stadiums with international standards use top-notch Futsal facilities.

The Takeaway
If you’re looking for a new sport to introduce your kids to, look no further than Futsal. Futsal is a fantastic sport that benefits youngsters of all ability levels, from novices to future professionals. Futsal’s smaller field, heavier ball, and plenty of 1v1 situations are ideal for helping young players hone their technique, judgment, and self-assurance on the ball. Teach your children the fundamentals of Futsal so they can join in on the fun. Another option is to sign them up for a Futsal club where they can meet other kids their age and work on their skills in a competitive environment.

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