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Vital Facts About Rome

Rome is one of the ancient cities in the world that has many attractive and historical features in it. In early days, this city was the capital of Roman Empire now it s the capital of Italy. This city is the beautiful combination of both modern technology and ancient features which makes it unique. The roman structures are very famous, and they act as the model for many modern structures. Rome is the center of , culture, and power. The Vatican City is one among the famous places in the country. This place is also segmented into many districts.


Some attractive destinations of this city include the Roman Forum, the Forum of Augustus Colosseum, Capitoline Hill and so on. The architecture of this place will be unique, and one can find much Renaissance architecture, plazas, stunning cathedrals in and around this city. Another major attraction will include zoo, Olympic stadium, shopping malls, vibrant nightlife venues, museums and botanical gardens which will make the trip more memorable. This place has enough places to explore for months even sometimes people take years to have a complete and satisfactory look of the city. The best way to see most of the important spots in this place will be using tourist bus.

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