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Tips to choose a good vehicle for long-distance travel

Are you planning to buy a new jeep car?

Well, we have suggested some of the best jeep models of 2019, perfect for your long road trips.

Jeep cars are one of the most dependable and reliable automobiles on the road. Decades back, they were used for supporting the military. Now, it has become a top option for off-road driving in rough areas. There are numerous jeep car models and all of them are best for enhancing your adventures. 2019 experienced several big changes and it has made customers thinking which Jeep car model is an excellent option.

Top Jeep cars to consider for long-distance travel

Jeep Compass: It is an excellent option if you want to ride a large jeep for road trips. When compared to Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Compass offers sufficient storage space and also lets you explore off-road easily. The design of the vehicle is perfect for long-distance travel. It is said to be the best camping vehicle as it has all the features associated with utility and entertainment. It has a storage space that measures around 53 cubic feet. It lets you carry everything you require. The main highlight of the vehicle is the liftgate mounted speakers that remain useful especially when setting up camp.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: This vehicle is the next version of popular Jeep Wrangler. Jeep has added length for extra storage and at the same time accommodating four passengers. If you are planning for a long road trip with your family or friends, this is an excellent choice. It consists of 260-pound feet torque and 285 horsepower that lets you climb uneven terrain and also maintain excellent cruising speeds while driving over pavement and dirt. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is available in seven different versions with unique features that enhance your driving abilities and comfort on long trips.


Jeep Cherokee: It is an excellent travel vehicle for both offroad and on-road purposes. It gives a mileage of 28 mpg on highways and 21mpg in city driving. It consists of a 16-gallon tank. It looks more aerodynamic than its competitors thus remains an excellent option for long trips. It has most of the features present in other Jeep models. Some of its impressive interior features are touchscreen management system, leather-trimmed seating and Uconnect that makes you traveling enjoyable and comfortable.

Jeep Renegade: Do you want a comfortable, small vehicle with a capacity to handle any trip? Well, you need to consider buying Jeep Renegade. Due to its reduced size, it is lighter and stable even when the weight gets distributed over the wheelbase. It makes the vehicle more efficient, thereby permitting to cross over bumpy and uneven terrain easier. The Selec Terrain System and Active Drive Low lets you control the way power is dispersed for simple driving. Jeep Renegade also consists of Red Tow hooks. It can handle heavy weight loads. It remains helpful when you want to move heavy objects along with you.

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Other options apart from Jeep Cars

Audi Q7: Audi Q7 has been redesigned into a three-row SUV vehicle. The latest version is quiet and gives you a feeling of tranquility and calm. It is sure that you can enjoy a comfortable ride mainly because of its luxury car features like optional air suspension. It can easily accommodate three members in the second row. It has sufficient headroom. Handling is confidence-inspiring and responsive. The interiors are beautifully finished and showcase luxury. It has excellent seats with high tech, vivid digital instrument cluster. You need to get familiar with it to handle the controls.

Image Representing The Side View of Audi Q7 Vehicle.

Toyota Sienna: Though it looks frumpy, it has big sliding doors, seats, generous cargo room and plenty of cupholders. It is basically a minivan, which has been converted into a highly desirable road trip vehicle. It is an excellent choice as it lets you drive comfortably. It consists of three-row seatings and third-row seating is spacious for three adults. The eighth seat has been preserved in the back and it is not installed in place. Other major advantages of Sienna include all-wheel drive and reliability. Both are above average and remains as the main plus for Sienna. It is the only choice on high-grade Siennas.

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