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The Best Destinations in India

Traveling is the perfect cure for a restless soul. It refreshes our minds and our bodies and helps us to fight the monotony of working life in general. It is November and the Diwali holidays are around the corner. This is the perfect time of the year to getaway and have a wonderful traveling experience. So, we have brought you a list of the best destinations in India where you can lose yourself in the majestic monuments and the beautiful scenery.


It is the place to be if you appreciate the finer points of architecture. This place bears witness to the prowess of the Mughals and transports you 400 years back in time. The Taj Mahal is man’s greatest creation for love. The elegance and the finer aspects of its design are unmistakable. Agra also boasts of many other forts and monuments from the Mughal period.


The idyllic beaches of Goa are a haven for relaxation and peace.

The wondrous place is also known for its exotic cuisine, which everyone swears by. The night club scene is excellent in Goa, if you are in the party mood. Goa is an ideal place for a romantic getaway or a vacation with friends. Accommodation can be easily got in the many 5 star hotels or you can rent some beautiful sea-facing cottages which give a very rustic yet elegant feel to the place.


It is the southernmost tip of Peninsular India and its known for its unique view of the sunrise and the sunset. It marks the confluence of the 3 water-bodies, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. This confluence creates a spectacular view which will be treasured for a lifetime. This is the most favourite tourist spot in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the few places that one has to visit in a lifetime.


The backwaters of Kerala are literally called “a heaven on earth” because of their serene, calm disposition. Not for nothing is this place called “God’s own country”. There is a reason for these adjectives and it is Kerala’s natural beauty and delicious cuisine. It is the number one spot for tourists in India. Kerala is an eco-tourist Holy Grail and has been named as one of the ‘ten paradises on earth” by National Geographic Traveler, the magazine.

We hope that you may have a very beautiful experience in these places. Watch this space for more destinations that will take your breath away.

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