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Include Grand Canyon In The Bucket List

One of the most attractive places in America will be Grand Canyon, and this brings in millions of tourists from various parts of the world each year. Colorado River has carved a natural wonder in this the northern part of Arizona over the period of time which measures 18 miles wide, 227 Miles long and about one mile deep. This is considered to be the longest and deepest canyon in the world. This place is managed by the Grand Canyon National Park, and this place is a wonderful site to watch with many natural wonders hidden in it.

Grand Canyon

It allows wildlife viewing, adventurous activities and is also a very good historic site. This place can also be divides as remote south rim and popular north rim. The famous spots that should not be missed in the south rim include Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon Railway Depot, and El Tovar Hotel. This is the place that will not have any problem for lodging too as there are many apt facilities available for this purpose. Some of the other activities that are available for the tourist will include mule rides, hiking trails, helicopter rides, Skywalk, whitewater rafting, and a glass sightseeing structure.

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  1. Wow! Grand Canyon is my dream destination. You have posted interesting news and information regarding this place. Thank you for your efforts.

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