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Cape Town – A Place To Be Explored

Cape Town is one of the popular tourist destinations in Western Cape Province of Africa. This city is also known to be Mother City due to its spectacular natural setting, well-developed infrastructure, and mild climate. City Bowl is the central part of the Cape Town. There are about 70 mountain peaks made of granite and sandstone but still they lie within the city limits. The sheer cliffs and flat-topped mountains are famous in this place. One of the famous soaring peaks in this place will be Table Mountain. There is a cable car facility that will help in reaching the mountain top.

Cape Town

Table Mountain National Park is a famous spot that cannot be missed in the list. Paragliding is a most preferred adventure sport of this place that can be done from the 350 feet rappel. The tourists who love water and sunshine will not be disappointed as it is one of such place with both. 60 – 70 degree Fahrenheit will be the temperature of the sea waters in the place all over the year. Cape Dutch style is the style of architecture that is used in the place. There are many famous café, and restaurants.

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